Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have limited services. Please contact us for more information

Please find below some of the medical certificates and medical reports that we offer:

  • Immigration & Visa Medicals
  • Work Medicals
  • Private Sick Notes
  • Fitness to Fly
  • Sporting Medical Certificates (Please make enquires beforehand by sending us the required certificate and we will do our best to complete most)
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) medicals (£100)
Please check with us for the time required and send us the requirements for completion to see if it can be done all onsite

(some medical reports will take longer than 15 minutes).

Costs will vary depending on the detail required. However, if the report can be completed within the appointment time, no additional costs will be incurred.

All necessary blood tests and X-rays can be arranged and the costs discussed.

For further information regarding specific medicals for different countries, please contact us.

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