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We know occupational health and employee wellbeing can be a difficult area to navigate. We are here to help human resources teams and company directors navigate their way through, with expert advice and a single senior point of contact and regular communication.

We look after a wide range of companies from professional services firms, investment houses, law firms, charities and NGOs to construction firms and private service staff. We offer a range of services for companies that have helped reduce absenteeism, boost morale and productivity and ensure positive outcomes to occupational health issues.

Employment medical assessments

An employment medical can provide assurance that employees are both physically and psychologically suitable for the role they are placed in, either before or during employment. We offer a range to suit you and can tailor this process to your needs – from pre-employment questionnaires and health declarations to full executive medicals for those big hires.

Overseas deployment assessments

We can offer medicals to check that your employees are fit to work abroad before they are deployed to ensure there are no issues when they are abroad, reducing risk to your company and your clients.

We are registered with the FCO for visa medicals where needed, helping your company ensure your employees have the right level of entry certification for work in China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and multiple other destination.

We also offer travel vaccinations  – our City clinic is a registered yellow fever centre, meaning we can offer the full range of travel vaccination and certification needed.

Fitness to work assessments

Is one of your employees facing health changes that may affect their ability to continue their current role? Have they been off work unwell for sometime and you and they need to be sure it’s the right time to return to work? Our fitness to work assessments can provide you with answers and guidance on what changes need to be made to their work circumstances or setting. Our GPs with occupational health training look at the whole person, do much more than the usual tick-boxing.

Wellbeing Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and workshops are a great way to get your teams more health-conscious. We run lunchtime sessions and longer workshops in a number of areas including early detection of disease, cardiovascular health, vitamin deficiencies and nutrition, tiredness and low energy, stress and mindfulness.

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