Special Expertise in Otolaryngology

Dr. Bashar Bizrah (Consultant ENT)

(Operated Over 36000 Rhinoplasty Procedures)

Specialization: MD , DLO RCS , FRCS Ed

About Dr. Bizrah

Dr. Bashar Bizrah is one of the most experienced British Rhinoplasty and Otolaryngology Consultant in London & Dubai.

Dr. Bashar Bizrah has over 25 years of experience and has performed over 36,000 scarless Rhinoplasty procedures

  • Dr. Bashar Bizrah is a celebrity Rhinoplasty Surgeon known for his natural results, genuine care to his patients and extraordinary results
  • His exceptional experience on operating on patients from various backgrounds and developing new techniques have lead to his demonstrations in lectures globally
  • Dr. Bashar Bizrah is featured in numerous media articles and international TV stations, representing his success rate of over 38,000 Facial Surgical procedures operated by him to date. Dr. Bashar Bizrah became widely known for his artistic touch and scientific advanced approach to rhinoplasty. His outstanding reputation attracts numerous patients from London, all over the UK and Europe as well as Royalties and Celebrities from the Middle East.
  • Dr. Bashar Bizrah is a Fellow member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh since 1989, as well as the Member of American and European Academies of Facial Plastic.
  • Dr. Bashar Bizrah has wide experiences with many different types of noses, ranging from Middle-eastern, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American patients in which he has gained form operating on a global scale
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